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We sell New, Used, N.O.S. and Obsolete Ford truck parts for the refurbishing of your antique FORD and MERCURY TRUCKS. It's true... parts ARE available for the restoration of your vintage Ford pickup or panel truck. Enjoy! 

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We stock parts for your classic antique Ford Truck, for the years 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955 and 1956. New parts for the years 1932 - 1947 and 1957 - 1979 can be supplied by special order.

We have recently purchased a quantity of New Old Stock (N.O.S.) and New Old Replacement Stock (N.O.R.S.) parts from a Ford dealership and a couple of jobbers. Most of it is in the original packages. If it is marked as to what it fits, we will specify that. If it has only a part number, we will tell you that instead. Please look at our 'Misc Other Parts' page for the list. This list will be updated periodically.

View PICTURES OF THE LATEST ARRIVALS on the 'Vehicles for Sale' page for Good, Solid, Restorable trucks. 

We stock Repair Manuals for classic Ford trucks 1942 - 1956 as well as Ford cars 1942 - 1957.

We also supply by special order, FORD CAR parts for the years 1932- 1972. We do not handle parts for Mustang, Cougar, T-bird or Lincoln, or 4 X 4 driveline parts. 

Also view our 'Collectibles' page for interesting nostalgia items i.e. traffic lights, parking meters, gas pumps, antique telephones, oil cans, etc. Great gifts for yourself or others. 

With all inquiries, please be sure to include your location (city, province/state, postal/zipcode, country) so that we can estimate freight charges for you.

Special Notes:

Please note that the parts listed below are only a small sampling of the products that we have to offer. Please view our "Products" page.


New Product in Stock: NEW BUMPERS 1961 - 1963 and 1964 - 1977 FORD/MERCURY TRUCK CHROME FRONT BUMPERS. 


1953/55 Ford/Merc truck. Headlight backer panels. Used. Good condition. No holes. No rust-outs. $100.00/pair.

1953/55 and 1956 Ford/Merc truck. Used battery tray covers. Goes on floor near passenger's feet. $20.00 ea.

1953/56 Ford/Merc truck. Dome light. Used. $20.00

1953/55 Ford/Merc truck. Used ashtray. $20.00

1953/55 Ford/Merc truck. Cowl Air-vent cover. No handle. $25.00

1951 Ford truck. Hood latch panel. Goes between front fenders above grille. Includes hood release handle. Used. Has a couple of very small dents, otherwise good. No rust-outs. $75.00

1952 Ford truck. Hood Latch Panel. Includes hood release handle. No dents. No rust-outs. $75.00

1948/52 Ford/Merc truck Front Fender Support Brackets. Used. Good condition. $50.00/pair.

1948/55 Ford/Merc truck. Headlight buckets. Used. Good condition. No rust-outs. $75.00/pair.
1953/56 Ford/Merc pickup Spare Tire Support Bar, goes under box floor. Used. Good condition. $100.00

1953/56 Ford/Merc truck Rad Cradle. Has surface rust, no rot, not damaged. $75.00

1948/52 Ford/Merc truck Rad Cradle. Has surface rust, no rot, not damaged. $75.00

1948/50 Ford/Merc truck. Glove box door. Used. Good condition. $25.00


1956 Ford/Mercury truck Grille. Used. Not rotted out. Has two small dents near driver's end. Has surface rust. $150.00 Cdn.

1953/54 Ford/Merc truck Radiator Fan Shroud. Use with V-8 Flat-head engine. Surface rust. No holes, no dents. $50.00 

1951/52 Ford or Mercury Truck Radio. $150.00  Cdn.


1951/52 Ford/Merc truck. Glove Box door. Used. Good condition. $25.00

1965 - 1966 Ford / Mercury Truck, Driver's Front Fender. Fits F100 and F250 with 15" or 16" wheel. Has holes in the side for "Twin I-Beam" emblem to attach. Has small, shallow dent on side. No holes. No rot. $250.00 Cdn.

1948/1952 Ford / Mercury Truck Door. Passenger side. No Rot. No Holes. $250.00 Cdn.
Please note that the parts listed above are only a small sampling of the products that we have to offer. Please view our "Products" page and give us a call.

For more information about us, see our Company Profile page. Then view our 'Products' page for a listing of the parts that we provide. If it's not on the list, ask us about it.

We are not affiliated with Ford Motor Company.

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